About afaiss


Afaiss is an innovative display of an address. We create our account on the digital platform www.afaiss.com, upload our address to this account and whenever we are asked about, we declare afaiss as our address. Ιinterested individuals and legal entities enter to our afaiss account and get informed about our current address. Afaiss remains the same for a lifetime.

When we move, we update our afaiss and, at the same time, public and private entities are informed about our new address. So, we do not lose correspondence, pay for penalties and surcharge to bills, as well as we do not face the danger of being condemned in absentia. It's worth saying that according to estimations the daily changes of address worldwide are approximately 1M.

Afaiss is a cross border communication tool, which contributes to the improvement of peoples’ life quality. At the same time, public administration, mail industry, utilities, companies with addresses' database, etc. keep updated records, increase their productivity and improve the quality of their services.